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Composers & Artists Biographical entries from all historical periods.
Pepper music Network
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Ancient and Medieval History and Literature
Classical Net Home Page
G. Schirmer, Inc. and Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
Gustav Mahler: Home Page
CDNOW CD's for sale online.
Cheap-CD's Cheap CD's for sale online.
CDDB More CD's for sale online.
Classical Record Music Reviews
IRCAM Multimedia Library 
La Scala - Welcome
Beethoven Center The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies at San Jose State University has produced an indexed bibliography of published and selected unpublished materials relating to Ludwig van Beethoven held by the Center’s library. The Beethoven Bibliographic Database is accessible via Telnet (by a link provided on the home page) and contains over 6,500 records of research materials on Beethoven, including books, original manuscripts, articles, scores, and the William S. Newman Collection. The Database may be searched by author, title, subject, genre, scores, RISM locations, and standard numbers, such as ISBN, etc. Additional links are provided to the Beethoven Journal and the Beethoven Society.
Music Hall
Serveur WWW de l'Ircam
Classical Music Bloopers
The Choir Links Page
The W. A. Mozart Page
Early Music:
Ancestral Instruments Pictures and descriptions of early instruments
Ancient and Medieval History and Literature
Gregorian Chant Home Page This site is maintained by peter Jeffrey at Princeton University and provides links to other chant research sites on the Web, such as chant organizations and databases, medieval music theory sites, as well as sites in other discipline that may be helpful in conducting chant research. These other disciplines include ecclesiastical sciences, historical and humanistic sciences, and information sciences.
Index of /earlym-l/gregorian.chants The Mass, the Divine Offices etc.
Alexander H. Hohmann’S BACH This page was reached as a result of the link provided on HOHMANN’S EARLY MUSIC PAGE. The site contains pictures of Bach and some of the places in which he worked and lived, the texts of a few of his vocal works in German with the English translation provided, documents and letters. When last checked (5/27/98) Mr. Hohmann had posted the following message:

"This page has been taken off line due to limits on traffic imposed by my service provider and will soon be made available through another service provider. Please return soon for information on the new location of this page. Such information will be made available by the end of June 1998".

Early Music Women Composers This site is devoted to women composers born before about 1765, providing links to an annotated and illustrated CD discography, as well as MIDI files of the composers works. The Reference link includes a list of music publishers, bibliographies, and other interesting links, such as women in music resources, Hildegard of Bingen links and early music instruments. The annotated and illustrated discography includes the text to chants and songs of various women composers, such as Kassia, the anonymous Kharjas composers of Spain, and Garsenda, Countess of Provence. The composers are listed by period.
The Life and Works of Hildegard Von Bingen This site presents pages on the life and works of Hildegard von Bingen, visionary writer, mystic and composer. Biographical information along with a discussion of her music and writings on natural history, natural healing and religion provide a foundation for research. Included is additional information on the 900th anniversary of Hildegard’s birth in 1998, a bibliography, discography, glossary and web resources.
The Music of the Fourteenth Century This site is the result of a collaborative project between the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University to record a representative sample of the music of the fourteenth century. The project established a complete inventory of all works known to have been composed during the 14th century in every European country. The resulting inventory of 3,198 works represents all the 14th century works contained in the 427 manuscripts in which the repertoire is transmitted, together with any works known from literary sources to have existed, but not found in manuscripts whose existence has been published. The databases of repertoire, composers and manuscripts were first published on the Internet in 1994.
Ensemble Sequentia An outstanding ensemble for the performance of earlly music.
Folger Consort Another outstanding early music ensemble with a list of their recordings
Crumhorn Home Page
The Recorder Home Page Description, list of surviving specimens, iconography,including many pages of references to the recorder in art, etymology and literary references, modern reconstructions and an extensive bibliography.
The Renaissance Shawm
Glossary of Van Morrison References
Medieval Music Georgetown University Medieval Music links.
Medieval Church Modes A listing and explanation.
Medieval Music & Arts Foundation
Medieval Theory Texts of treatises on music theory.
The Recorder Conrad Mollenhauer on the making of recorders.
Gregorian Chant Links
William Byrd A list of William Byrd's works at Midiworld
William Byrd's harpsichord music
Women Writers of the Middle Ages
Performers and Performances
Addicted To Noise - Issue 2.06, June 1996
Welcome to SonicNet
Green Day
Thanks to the June 7th, 1998 issue of the New York Times for the following links.
Miles Davis A highlight of the Jazz Central Station link above, this is among the best interactive jazz sites on the Web.
Fantasy Records Information on new Fantasy jazz releases (including biographies and itineraries for selected artists), plus a CD catalog.  This also has quick access to complete track listings for all Fantasy CD's.
Blue Note Home Page All about New York's fanciest jazz club, from the schedule to the menu.  This also offers live closed-circuit telecasts of selected performances.
Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors Magazine A comprehensive guide to the jazz scene in Kansas City, including feature stories, club schedules and links to many Web sites by or about local musicians, past and present.  A highlight is "A Virtual Visit to Charlie Parker's Grave in Kansas City."
Jazz Clubs Worldwide Information about clubs in more than 40 countries, from Azerbaijan to the United States.  This also offers links to club Web sites and E-mail addresses.
Jazz Corner A commercial service providing home pages for more than 60 "independent" jazz musicians, including Ben Allison, Joanne Brackeen, Robin Eubanks, Dave Holland, Jonny King, and Renee Rosnes.  All pages are designed in-house and contain biographies, itineraries, sound bites, discographies, and E-mail addresses.  Ideal for the musician interested in using the Web as a promotional tool.
Benny Carter Web Site The story of the master alto saxophonist-trumpeter-composer, as told by the Carter scholars Ed and Laurence Berger.  This site has great art, including period posters and original 78 labels.
Pure Desmond Everything you wanted to know about Paul Desmond, the lyrical alto saxophonist of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, courtesy of the Canadian filmmaker Paul Caulfield.
Thelonious Monk Website A tribute to the eccentric genius of jazz piano, including dozens of links to related Web sites.  This also includes the complete text of Monk's 1964 "blindfold test' with Leonard Feather.
Bird Lives Bret Primack's cybernewsletter about jazz on the Internet, featuring weekly capsule reviews (plus links) of five noteworthy Web sites.  This site offers concise coverage of jazz on the Web, updated regularly.
Los Angeles Times Web Site
The New York Times on the Web
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Worldwide Internet Music Resources This is a music resource list offered as a service of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library at Indiana University. This index provides links to individual musicians and popular groups; groups and ensembles, except popular; sites related to performance: composers and composition; genres and types of music; research and study; commercial music; journals and magazines; as well as general and miscellaneous sites. The listing of genres and types of music includes links to sites of interest to the classical music researcher: 20th century music, ancient music, Baroque music, chamber music, choral music, early music, opera, orchestral music, and women composers and women’s music.
Composer biographies This a personal web site developed and maintained by Michael Norrish and is part of The Classical Music Web Ring, hosted by OrchestraNET. Norrish provides thumbnail biographical sketches of composers about whom he is familiar. These pages represent his own thoughts about composers and their works, but the links to other information include information and input provided by others.
WWW VL Classical Music: Reference This source is provided courtesy of the computer resources of Georgetown Preparatory School. The library is divided into seven sections, each with its own catalog of links. The sections include: biographical information for composers, artists, soloists, conductors, ensembles orchestras, choirs, opera companies/management agencies/miscellaneous; organizations, academic and professional; online periodicals, including DOS ORCHESTRA and MUSIC THEORY ON-LINE; reference, which includes composition, performance (advise on coping with performance anxiety, medical matters, etc.), theory, tuning, musical instruments, specific works and compositions, miscellaneous (educational libraries/lists, MIDI sites, lists of commercial sites, musical instrument joke, etc.); reviews/program announcements/broadcast information; computer software, including educational, notation and miscellaneous software for various computing platforms, as well as freely available software and demonstration versions of other programs; and discussion forums. The biographical section of composers includes portraits, literature about the composer, complete works and recommended recordings. There is also a complete alphabetical index available at this site.
Classical Music Links - mainly baroque! Provided at this site is a descriptive listing of web sites about Baroque composers, with links to composers: THE J. S. BACH HOME PAGE, THE BACH TOUR OF THURINGIA and THE HANDEL HOME PAGE; Baroque keyboard instruments: HARPSICORD CENTER PARIS and THE SOUTHEASTERN HISTORICAL KEYBOARD SOCIETY; as well as other sites not necessarily of interest to the researcher in classical music, including a promotion for the video tape production of The Joy of Music.
Classical Net This site is a catalog created, designed and maintained by David Lampson to provide a point of entry to over 2200 sources of information about classical music, as well as more than 2000 links to other interesting web sites. Broad headings on this home page include: Basic Repertorie List, organized by music periods which roughly correspond to historical stylistic trends and includes information on how to find and explore music; Classical CD Buying Guide; Recommended Classical CDs; Composer Data, which includes date information (birth, death, anniversaries) for classical composers; Reviews and Articles; and Classical Music Links. To help locate resources more quickly, a searchable index, as well as a composer index is made available. The classical music links are to composer and musician information on the Web, and is provided only for those who are not represented by a dedicated page at this site. A link for the composer Alberto Ginastera lead to a page produced by the Fundación Ostinato. The Ginastera page provided biography, a complete list of works, his piano works, pictures and information about performers of Ginastera’s music. The brief biography, written by Elena Dabul, discusses Ginastera’s life, musical style and musical influences. Other links included are to early music; societies and organizations; databases, archives and collections; general sites which include ancient music, early women composers, opera and vocal music.
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber Presents information on the composer and his works. A partial listing of the works is provided with recordings noted for some of those works. Links to additional information about Biber are included.
HNH International Limited This site is maintained for the following recording companies: NAXOS, Marco Polo and White Cloud. It is designed primarily for the person seeking to build a sound recording collection. To that end the site intends to inform by featuring an article entitled "And Introduction to Classical Music:, focusing on musical categories, instruments, and a brief history of classical music. Terms are defined and recommended recordings listed for musical periods. The discussion of countries includes links to representative composers with brief biography, compositions and recordings. Links to other information includes classical music used in films and an introduction to Chinese music.
Amadeus Press Music Links This site is available through Timber Press, who also distributes Amadeus Press publications. Provided here are links to composers' pages, including Mozart, J. S. Bach, Mahler, Berlioz and Richard Strauss; online music magazines such as SONANCES INTERNATIONAL MUSIC MAGAZINE and SOUNDZ -- THE MUSIC NEXUS; classical music reference sites; opera sites; and commercial sites.
J.S. Bach Archive and Bibliography This Archive and Bibliography are provided complementary to the J. S. Bach Home Page. These two sites are set up as a joint project, created by Jan Hanford (North America) and Jan Koster (Europe), to promote world wide web interest in and knowledge about J. S. Bach. The information includes an illustrated and detailed biography of the composer, portraits, a bibliography of over 1000 titles, discussion of the cantatas and tours of the places where Bach actually lived and worked from 1685 - 1750. The map used was derived from Christoph Wolff's work Bach, Essays on His Life and Music, Harvard University Press, 1991. Each article on the tour presents links to documents and other information. One such link was to a scanned facsimile of Bach's baptismal record.
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music This Journal is published by the Society for Seventeenth – Century Music to provide a referred forum for studies of the musical cultures of the seventeenth century. This includes historical and archival studies, performance practice, music theory, aesthetics, dance and theater. Full-text of articles are provided, with links to graphics, audio examples and MIDI files.
Lied and Song Texts Page This site was created and is maintained by Emily Ezust, with the webservice provided by the REC Music Foundation and is part of the Classical Music Web Ring, hosted by OrchestraNET. The texts of lied and art songs at this site may be accessed by first line or title, poet, or composer A – Z (Abt to Zilcher). The list of texts by composer allows for the selection of a specific lied or song cycle. For an example I followed the Mahler link and selected his Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen. This led to a page indicating the work as a song cycle with texts and settings by the composer, a listing of the four songs included in the cycle, followed by the text to each song. Following the list of composers on the main page are links to foreign language dictionaries: French-English, German-English, Italian-English, Russian-English and Universal Cyrillic Converter; Related links: Classical MIDI with Words, The Libretto Page, Expansive Poetry and Music Online (an online journal), and a picture gallery of composers; as well as references and a list of contributors.
Music Resources on the Internet This site presents a collection of links to music information, resources, graphics and organizations. New sites and resources are added weekly. The site was originally created by Susan Brumbaugh and is now maintained by Shirley E. Kaiser. Links are provided to a number of classical music Internet indexes, as well as jazz and folk music.
Orchestranet - International Classical Links OrchestraNET is a British based site published by arrangement with The Association of British Orchestras and hosts The Classical Music Web Ring. This is an index to sites that are international. The contents headings are broad and include: Associations and organisations (sic), Baroque, Books and Publications, CDs, Record Companies and Distributors, Chamber Ensembles, Chamber Orchestras, Choral Music, Composers, Festivals, General Classical Music Information.
Society for Music Theory Committee on the Status of Women The Committee promotes gender equity and feminist scholarship in areas related to music theory, and serves as a repository of information about women and music. This page is maintained by David Loberg Code at Western Michigan University. 
Solomon's Glossary of Technical Musical Terms This an A – Z dictionary of technical music terms used in music theory and composition. The terms are cross-referenced with indications when a term is defined elsewhere in the dictionary.
WOMEN COMPOSERS This site was developed and is maintained by Tara Guthrie as part of a Library/Information Science course: Emerging Technological Trends in Libraries. Guthrie presents an annotated bibliography of Internet resources about women composers. Her purpose is to provide quick access to a variety of Internet resources for both the amateur and scholar. The contents include: bibliography and reference tools; listings of composers; research and study; publishers and vendors; discographies; repertoire and performing ensembles; journals, listservs and news groups; valuable resources and links; and miscellaneous resources.
Exploring the links at this site led to a page for song lyrics and libretti ( with more than 20 other links to sources such as the CYBER HYMNAL, GREAT LYRICS ARCHIVE, and the LIEDER AND SONGS TEXT SERVER.
Electronic Music and Recording sites
The MIDI Farm Tips, tools, and downloadable files for designing MIDI
The MIDI Community Tips, tools and downloadable files for MIDI
MIDI Manufacturers Association The MIDI Manufacturers Association site
Synth Zone Synthesizer related web site
Music Machines Synth related web site
Beginner's Synthesizer FAQ For beginning Synth Programming
The Art of Analog Modular Synthesis by Voltage Control  A propellorhead web site for voltage controlled modular synthesis
Computer Music Journal A research oriented site for advanced users
Pro Recording reviews and maintenance tips for pro engineers
Audio Web Web site for advanced engineers
World Wide Pro Audio Directory Web site for advanced engineers
Shareware Music Machine Music and audio related software
Electronic Musician Electronic Musician's  own web site with an archive of articles and statistics for everyone
E-MU Systems E-mu's own website filled with useful info

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