We will begin the discussion of the Three Kings. This came to me while fasting the last three days of December 2006. I saw King Saul as representing the Old Testament Church, King David as representing the New Testament Church, and King Solomon representing the Millenium Church. Just as King Saul started out good but then messed up and persecuted David, so did the Jews mess up the Old Testament worship and persecute Jesus and the N.T. saints. Just as David served God ardently during his youth, yet became involved with many wives and messed up with Bathsheba, so has the N. T. church become involved with many strange doctrines and plans of salvation. The past two thousand years of the Church is probably represented exactly in the life of King David and his wives, victories and defeats, sons and daughters, friends and enemies, Mighty Men, and preparations for the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. Even in the end of his life, with his son Adonijah setting himself up as king with Joab to his aid and Abiathar as his priest, this is a type of the Anti-Christ with his false prophet setting himself up as God.

Back in 1995, I fasted about fourteen days over the period of November 15, through the end of December. It was at this time, while praying on the back side of Ft. Huachuca, that something very strange happened. On my birthday, Nov 12, my pastor, Greg Bryant, was auditioning for another church back in Mississippi. I was not aware of this, only that he was back visiting relatives or preaching some place. When we had Wednesday night service on the 15th, he announced that he was going to leave Revival Tabernacle and Pastor this church back in Mississippi. It came as a complete shock to everyone in the congregation. I was very shocked. Well, after service, he didn't even preach that night, he asked the board, of which I was a member, to choose someone to take his place. We were still in shock, but I suggested Brother Lee Wilson. I went home that night and began to think of what would be good qualifications to pastor the church and decided that I would actually be a good candidate to pastor the church. I approached the pastor, and assistant pastor Greg Harr, and both said I wasn't the man for the job. I decided to pray long and hard.

Saturday night, when the sun was just going down, and after three days of continual praying, I was reading from my little pocket Gideon New Testament, when I heard this knocking sound. I was reading from Revelation 10;11, "And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings." This was an amazing scripture because what I had been praying about for three days was whether I should open my mouth about being the pastor or keep my mouth shut and let God take care of everything. Whenever I spend time in prayer with questions that need to be answered I always open my Bible and read the first thing that comes up. I was intrigued by the verse and began to ask myself if this was talking about John or was it talking about the church today? Then I pondered, was this verse directed to me? Was I supposed to prophesy before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. This was mind boggling. It was at this time that I heard the knocking sound. I was under an old Huachucha Oak tree and couldn't see from where the sound was coming. I walked around the tree and looked up, and sitting on top of four very old telephone poles, were five black woodpeckers pecking away. They had bodies similar to cardinals, looked like crests on their heads and there was red on the crest. Five, Red crested, black woodpeckers pecking away. I remember thinking to myself, what a way to make a living. Now, I have been to this place hundreds of times over the past twentyseven years and I have only seen one or two of these woodpeckers. The fact that there were five pecking away, and one flew down, and another flew up and took his place, well this certainly got my attention. Plus, the second pole going away from me had two woodpeckers on it and it was one of them that flew down and the one that flew up took his place.

The next morning I got up and ready to go pick up sunday school kids. But, suddenly I had to use the bathroom. I grabbed one of my old bibles, the one that I was using when I first moved to Sierra Vista, back in 1981, and began to read the first thing that it opened up to. You'll never believe this, but this is what it said. "Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city." This verse, from the book of Acts, blew me away. I did not hold my peace, and it basically led to me being asked to leave the church. I did not want to leave. I had laboured long and hard to build this church, both spiritually, and physically. I was one of the founding members and had invited hundreds of people to visit, put thousands of dollars in tithes and offerings into the church, and had played piano for many years, and taught Sunday school there for many years. I literally laid the foundations of the back addition to the church, and had painted the inside several times with the help of my wife. I had put all of my heart, mind, soul, and body into this church. I was not happy. In the summer of 1996, I had a long talk with Jesus over in a church in Tombstone. It was the Episcopalian Church, the oldest protestant church in Arizona. It was on a Saturday night I believe. I had been let in by the caretaker, and it was storming outside. We get some pretty good lightning storms here in the summer. I think I even had my violin with me and was playing and reading scripture and praying. When I was finished, I had my answer. It was time to leave Revival Tabernacle. Lee Wilson had it renamed, Apostolic Truth Tabernacle.

Back to December of 1995. While four or five different pastors were trying out for the church, I was praying and fasting. One fast was without food and water for four days. That's right, four days without food or water. I had read all of chapter ten in Revelations to put that verse I mentioned earlier, in context. One verse really stood out. "And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices." My question was not, what did the Seven Thunders say, but , who were the Seven Thunders??????? It was at that time that I got it into my head that God would raise up seven end-time prophets, who would have apostolic power, and would preach apostolic doctrine, and get the church ready for the rapture.

It was also about December the 20th, on a Sunday, when the last pastor tried out for the church, his name was Brother Berry, that I skipped the evening service and went out to pray on the Fort, where the Lakeside Officers Club was. I walked way up in the mountains by the light of a full moon. The versus of the twenty-third Psalm kept coming to my mind. When I had walked way up the side, I heard the sound of running water. I happened to have a small flashlight in my coat pocket and shined it on the brook. I knelt down and with my hand, cupped up some water to my mouth. It was cold and good. I turned off the light and walked back down. I slipped in one place. It was pretty dark, even with the moon. When I made it down to the back of the officers club, I walked over to a lamp post and got out my trusty Gideon Bible and opened it up to the twenty-third Psalm. When I read the first verse I knew that I was no longer under a human pastor. It read, "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want."

God is so Good. Sometimes an individual is called out from this world to do something different. Abraham was one of those people. So am I. In order for God to talk to someone about the truth, one has to be in a position to hear it. One on One. Not with the interference of some organization. This is not for everyone. Only a few people are separated from the body for a time to hear what "Thus Saith the Lord."

I believed, back in December of 1995, that I was one of those seven endtime prophets. I was drunk with faith. I had many dreams, and I predicted all kinds of things happening locally, and they did. There was a snag though, in the midst of my new found faith. I prayed for, and then prophesied that there was to be a huge snow storm. This was to be a miraculous snow storm. It was to snow deeper than it had ever snowed in Sierra Vista. I mean like twenty feet deep. Well, it didn't happen. I thought that it was to happen on Christmas day of December 1995. Because it didn't happen, everyone in the church, as well as many other people I know, decided that I must be crazy, or else a false prophet. Not good news. I apologized and was deeply humbled before everyone and before God. I got too big for my spiritual britches and God brought me down. I did not give up on God, though. I repented and continued to live for God. There are so many details of things that happened at that time but I want to get back to the Seven Prophets. I believed that there must be seven prophets and that these were the Seven Stars in the Hand of the Angel that spoke with John on the Isle of Patmos. The seven churches of Asia were revealed to me as also pertaining to Seven End-Time churches. These were the seven major cultural, or lingual, types throughout the world. Asia means from the east. The sun rises from the east and it's light then lightens the entire earth from east to west. The churches of Asia are the churches of the world. I defined these seven churches as 1. Asian,(China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Etc.), 2. Indian,(India, Pakistan, etc.) 3. Arabian(the Middle East), 4. European( including Russia), 5. African, 6. English speaking peoples(Great Britain, North America, Australia) and 7. North, Central, and South American Indians. These seem to be seven very distinguishable, almost the same as the seven continental, types. I believe that The Seven Great Prophets probably have a leader, as Peter was the leader of the twelve apostles. I figure that he is probably the one from the English speaking peoples, and probably located in the United States. I thought I was this prophet. That was back in 1995. I now hope to meet these seven prophets one day. I pray for their arrival.

I believe that God doesn't do big things without revealing it first to his prophets. And he does this so his prophets can warn God's people to be ready for whatever it is that is coming. Amos 3:7, "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." Rev 10:7, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."

In February of 2001, God revealed a ton of stuff to me pertaining to the book of Revelation. Something that became clear to me was that everything that was made in heaven was also represented on earth. Two places to look for these things would be where God told his servants ( Moses and David, both prophets ) to build things according to the pattern given to them from heaven. Numbers 8;4, and I Chronicles 28;10-12. In these patterns we see where the heavenly things are represented on earth in the Old Testament. We then are told that the Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament, Hebrews chapters 8-10. We then see how the new testament church will be exalted into heaven, above those things which are in heaven. Christ being the first example. There is one thing on earth that I have not seen revealed in the New Testament and this is the Seven Mighty Angels that stand before the throne of God and Christ. I believe that they are yet to be revealed.

Only thing is, what I believe doesn't mean a whole lot if it is not true. I believe that if something in the Bible is true, then it must have a witness. It must be provable from the Bible. Let everything be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. So I asked God to show me in the scriptures where I would be correct in assuming there would be seven end-time prophets. Almost every time I have gone on an extensive fast over the past thirteen years, God has shown me another type or shadow of the seven prophets. For example, Proverbs 9:1, "Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars." I believe the House is the Church, and it was built first, then her Seven Pillars were hewn out. I believe they are the seven prophets. The seven stars that were in the hand of the Angel representing the pastors of the seven churches of Asia, are referred to several places in scripture. Job, 9,8:9 & 38:31-32, Amos 5:8, and of course, Revelations 1:20, 2:1, & 3:1. These seven stars, sometimes referred to as Pleiades, play an important part of the beliefs and prophesies of many ancient cultures.

At the end of 2006, just before my fast, I saw something very interesting in the book of Acts, where Paul was making his last journey through Troas, that seven Saints went before him to Troas and waited for Paul to come and preach. It was at this meeting that Eutychus fell from the third loft and died, only to have Paul pray for him and he came back to life. There were many lights in the upper room, and it was an all night meeting, very peculiar indeed. I believe the seven men are a type of the seven end-time prophets going before the coming of Jesus, and now I also believe that many things that happened in the book of Acts were written because they are a type and shadow of things to happen in the Latter Rain(end-time). The seven men chosen out to serve the church in Acts chapter 6, are also a type of the seven end-time prophets.

But after my fast in December, 06, when it was revealed to me that the three kings, Saul, David, and Solomon, were a type of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Millennial Reign, I saw that we have the Seven Mighty Men of David. Not much is said of these seven men until they are chronicled at the end of David's life. II Samuel chapter 23. Here we find there was one chief over all the mighty men, a group of three mighty men and a second group of three mighty men. Thirty mighty men are listed after these seven and they are all referred to as, "thirty and seven in all." Probably the least is said about the chiefest of them all, "The Tachmonite that sat in the seat, chief among the captains; the same was Adino the Eznite: he lift up his spear against eight hundred, whom he slew at one time." 2 Samuel, 23:8. He is probably referred to in I Chronicles 11:11, with basically the same thing being said. Amazing! David's Chief mighty man and only two references to his exictence.

But there is much reference to the six men under him and the thirty men under them, so there is no doubt about their existense and all the incredible things they did. BTW, these men are listed in II Samuel chapter 23, right before Chapter 24, where David had numbered all the people and the death angel was about to destroy all of Jerusalem. Seventy thousand men were killed by the death angel before the plague was stopped.

When in my thirty day fast back in the fall of 2002, I was walking west on South Railroad and praying to God when all of a sudden it occurred to me that we are God's tithe. The saints are the Firstfruits unto God. The tithe is the Lord's. And when the earth's population reaches seven billion then God will reap his seven hundred million, the rapture of the Church. It's not an appointed day so much as it is an appointed number. You see, I have always believed that Seven is God's number of completion. It's just like the number of bones in the body. There are various listings starting at about 206. But I say it is 210, because this is thirty times seven. It's just like the books of the Bible. There are currently 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament. Something is wrong. There must be one missing from the Old Testament and three missing from the New Testament. They have to be 40 and 30, which add up to seventy. And there are probably seven more that still need to be written. All of the Word of God is not contained in our Bible. Not even close. After thinking about it a bit more I decided that the world's population will probably be 7,777,777,777, when the church is raptured and 777,777,777, will be raptured, and the last seven will be the seven mighty men of the church, the seven stars, the seven angels of the seven churches of Asia, the seven pillars, the seven thunders, the seven Prophets of the end-time church. Well, where are they?

Speaking of seven, it was because of Israel's negligence in keeping the sabbath year for seventy times, i.e. 490 years, that God carried Israel away captive by King Nebuchadnezzar. That business about forgiving your brother seventy times seven was already in the Bible. God waited until Isreal had broken the sabbath year seventy times before punishing them and keeping it for them. He gave the land rest for seventy years, the number of sabbath years that had not been kept. I believe that God will also do the same thing with the year of the Jubilee. The Jews may have kept some kind of celebration during the year of the Jubilee, but they did not keep the letter and the spirit of the Jubilee. Three things were to be done. Firstly, indentured servants were to be set free, secondly, land from a tribe that had been sold was to be returned to the family, and thirdly, all unpaid debts were to be forgiven. Yeah, right. When was the last time even something closely resembling that has occurred? By anybody? Well, if we get out our calculators, we find that seventy times fifty adds up to 3,500, years. Let's see, the Law was given by Moses about 1,500 years before Christ, and it's been about 2,000, years since then. Hey, that brings us down to today. :-)

While I was just looking up the spelling of Jubilee, I discovered that it comes from the Hebrew word Yovel, meaning ram's horn. The feast of the trumpets is when they blow the ram's horn too. And when is the Ram's Horn going to be blasted the Loudest? At the last trump, when the Lord comes back with all his saints and angels to fight against Satan, the Anti-Christ, the false prophet and all their armies. Then God will keep the Year of the Jubilee for the Jews, by forgiving all their debts, setting them free, and giving the land back to them that he promised Father Abraham. Praise God. So, when the earth's population reaches Seven billion plus, that is when the rapture is going to take place. Let's see if anyone can calculate that down to the day and the hour. Of course I'm being facetious. But, I don't think one has to look too far, with honest eyes, to see that things in this world are coming to a disastrous conclusion. Between global warming, food shortage, water shortage, rich getting richer, and poor getting poorer, energy shortage, and overall human population, somethings gotta give. God isn't making this happen. We, and our human nature, have brought this on ourselves. Hopefully, it will cause us to realize that we can't solve all our own problems. Hopefully we will see just how desperate we are. Hopefully people will turn to their heavenly Father, and their Savour Jesus Christ for help in time of need. He's not going to save the world the way we want him to. Instead he wants us to get saved the way he wants us to. This world as we know it is going to pass away someday. Isaiah, 65:17, "For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind." Thank God. Revelations 21:1, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." Thank God again, of course I will miss the sea. Maybe there will be a sea, just not like the one we know. I don’t get to see the sea very often living in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Remember, this is high desert. And it gets worse in every direction from here. That is, we are up high, and as one leaves this city one goes down and it gets hotter and hotter and dryer and dryer. Kind of like going to Hell. Reminds me of when I first came here from Yuma, I thought I was halfway to heaven. Four seasons, and snow on the mountains. I called them the Swiss Alps of Arizona. The Huachucas are beautiful. BTW, Huachuca Mountain means Thunder Mountain. H'mm.

That also brings me to my name. Charles Gregory Marlowe. Charles means ripe corn, Gregory means vigilant or watchful, and Marlowe is a compound word meaning a Sea of Light. Each name is seven letters long. I believe that God has had something to do with it. My name is 777. God's perfect number. As opposed to 666. Some people think I'm an antichrist, but I don't. When visiting a pastor of a local Korean Assembly of God, his name is Yi Hang Gui, I told him that when we find sheep, they are usually hard to recognize as such. They are all dirty, covered with tumble weeds and briers, and poorly fed. It is our job to wash them up, sheer off all the old wool with its weeds and stickers, and lead them out of the world over to the green pastures and still waters of the LORD, and feed them the milk and meat of the Word of God. He was not pleased with me and insisted that I tell him by what authority I was telling him these things. Of course, this was in the middle of one of my prolonged fasts, I think it was the one for thirty five days, and I told him I was his pastor. Well, he was very upset, even though twenty years my junior, and told me never to come back to his church. He also told me if I wanted to talk to him I should learn Korean. I then told him that he could come to my church anytime. He replied by saying, "I'll come to your church…, when your dead." I told him I loved him, in Korean, and left.

When I went to San Marcos, California, back in August of 1998, I went with God's blessing. When I went back in August of 1999, I thought maybe that was where God wanted me. But about twenty miles west of Gila Bend, AZ, at the Painted Rock Dam turnoff, I pulled over to rest for a while. It was a very hot day, but thunder clouds had billowed up very high in the sky. They were spent by now, and over me and going back to the east of me. I was headed west to California, and the sun was just going down. As I got out of my car and looked off to the setting sun, and said a prayer of thanks to God, I turned around to look back in the direction of Sierra Vista. It had just started to sprinkle and it felt so good. As I looked back I saw a huge double, actually triple, rainbow. It was huge because it was so hot and the clouds were so high, and the sun was so low. It was beautiful. As I watched something very strange happened. A large flock of white birds flew up in the middle of the rainbow. I realized at that moment that I would eventually return to Sierra Vista, and the blessings of God would be given to me there. Several weeks later, when I returned to Sierra Vista for a weekend visit, my wife stayed in Sierra Vista while I taught at Palomar Community College, I saw the White Birds that had flown up in the rainbow. When I first saw them they were quite a ways off and looked like doves. Now that I saw them up close I saw that they were huge white cranes. They were in a thousand acre barley field that was being irrigated and they were catching all the bugs and small animals in the water. I must point out the oddity of all this because this field of barley, completely flooded with water, and full of cranes standing three to four feet tall, is in the middle of the Arizona desert just west of Gila Bend. The afternoon temperature usually runs between 110º to 120º, from late May to early October.

It was revealed to me several years later, while on the thirty day fast, that these birds were pastors. I once had a dream back in 1997, where there was a field in front of me. I stood at the front of what was some kind of large Greek styled building with pillars. I was standing a few feet in front of the pillars and teaching out of a Bible, on a podium, to one man in the field. Later in the dream there were two, then several. More and more men began to climb up on the fence surrounding the field. Then they were in the field. This was a field of green grass. It was surrounded by a western style wood fence. It was Arizona type desert on the other side of the fence. So one day when I was praying out at Site Maverick, during my lengthy fast, it was revealed to me what the dream meant. The building was the house mentioned in Proverbs 9:1. The pillars were the seven pillars representing the seven end-time prophets. I was preaching to preachers, not just a congregation of men. These men were the Large White Cranes I had seen flying within the rainbow. These would be pastors in Sierra Vista that I would be teaching more perfectly out of the word of God. Sort of like when Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos asside and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. Acts 18:26. When I told the Korean pastor Yi Hang Gui that I was his pastor, he basically told me to drop dead. Funny how our dreams don't always turn out the way we expect them to.

When I was fasting in the fall of 2001, it began with a seven day fast, I was reading the Second Epistle of John and was especially struck by the last two versus. II John1:12-13, "Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full. The children of thy elect sister greet thee. Amen." John said he had many things to write but instead would speak face to face. At this point I realized that had he written down what he had to say it would be considered the word of God. I'm not sure if I had put two and two together yet, but when I was on my thirty day fast(actually thirty-five days) the following year, I was then keenly aware of what was going on. Both second and third John ended with the same words. III John1:13-14, "I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee: But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face." Both letters are addressed to a single individual and their children who are walking in the truth. The elect Lady and the well beloved Gaius. I realized that they were both types of the end-time church. The early church was talking to the end-time church. John was saying that he, or probably an angel(Gabriel) from God, would appear to a prophet or prophets of the end-time church. I've been waiting ever since to be confronted by an angel while praying on the back side of Fort Huachuca. This really is exciting. It is one reason why I go on extended fasts. Daniel met Gabriel at the end of his twenty-one day fast. It was at this time that Daniel was shown things beyond our current point in history. I want the same. God is not a respecter of persons. If he sent an angel to talk to Daniel he can do the same for me.

I doubt more and more that I am one of the Seven Stars, but at least I'm aware of them. When they are revealed, I will be waiting for them. I haven't given up completely though, because God keeps showing me more and more of his Word pertaining to these end-times. At one point I saw how each of the Seven Prophets would have ten disciples, the Seventy. And how they would be over hundreds, and they would be over thousands, and they would minister unto ten thousand, and they to one hundred thousand, and they to millions. Making up the raptured body of Christ, 777,777,777 saints of God. Where are you, seven prophets of the Most High God?

Why do we need the Seven Prophets? I believe that Acts 2:38-39 is the New Testament plan of salvation. Repentance, water baptism in the Name of Jesus for the remission of sins, and the in-filling of the Holy Ghost(Spirit) evidenced by speaking in other tongues as God gives the utterance. Not many churches preach and teach this doctrine. The ones that do usually preach that Jesus Christ is God the Father. I know I did for about twenty years. But this is not true. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. He is divine, but not God. All of my Apostolic Oneness brothers would banish me from their sight if they heard me say such a thing. And all of the other protestant pastors call me an heretic because I baptize in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins. They all use the titles, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and believe that God is an executive board. A trinity of coequal persons. As I said earlier, God showed me that he has at least three vibrational manifestations, Light, Holy Spirit, and Christ. These are different manifestations of his Word. God's Vibrational Manifestation is His Word. The Divine Light, the Holy Spirit, and the Christ are all the Word of God in different states. Radiant, fluid, and static states. The Christ, or static manifestation of the Word, was united to Mary's egg in her womb, and caused Jesus to be conceived. Jesus was then both of God and of Mary, making him a New Creature, the only begotten Son of God. If you had the Holy Ghost, you would realize that it is Christ in you, not some other person. The old testament Christ, and Holy Spirit, and Divine light are not persons. When Christ(static vibrational manifestation of God) was united to Mary's seed, then Christ became a person and the Son of God. Christ, the Son of God is a person. Can't we see that Christ is the Light, and that he dwells in us by the Spirit. There is no trinity of persons. As the scripture says, 1Corinthians 8:6, "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him."

Are we beginning to get the big picture? Millions of people believe that they are saved. That they are living for God because of their faith in Jesus Christ. But not according to truth. God gave me a vision of the church back in 1977, and the church was crippled and on her back. Her bones were all out of joint. She basically appeared the way Christ must have after he was taken down from the cross. What a shame. He was dead, limp, bones out of joint, covered with dried blood, wounded deeply in his hands and feet and side. Thorns stuck in his head. Naked. What a sad sight and condition to be in. That's the way the church is today. God showed me what the verse in Hebrews 4:12, meant. "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." The joints represent the love between the bones. The marrow is the word or doctrine within the bones. The bones are the ministers of God. Right now the church has lukemia. The marrow in our bones is corrupted. Our doctrine is corrupted by many false traditions. The traditions of men. Jesus encountered the same thing. When he was here on earth it was the religious leadership that rejected him the most. The same is true today. They have substituted the word of man, and Satan, for the word of God. Somebody, or bodies, need to turn this around. There needs to be a clear choice between the truth of God and the world. It is not God's will that any should perish, but that all repent. It's not Christ's will to come and catch away a couple of million saints and say to the rest of Christiandom, Na Na, Na Na, Boo, Boo. We all think we are saved. We have been diluted by false doctrine into believing almost anything and thinking this will get us into heaven. Many of us, dare I say all of us, are like the Laodiceans. We are neither cold nor hot: But we say that we are rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and know not that we are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:" I don't know two men of God who can agree on everything. I wonder if Christ and God agree on everything? Read John 10:30, and John 17:22. If we could only realize how powerless our church is today compared to the early church maybe we would be willing to pray and fast and get back to the truth. Paul writes that Christ is coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, holy and without blemish. If this is true, then there are some adjustments that have to be made in our lives. How will this happen?

When the Seven Prophets appear, they will have great power. They will prophesy to Kings and Presidents, the seven most prominent rulers in the world. No doubt the President of the United States will be one of them. Let me tell you about a strange incident. At the beginning of my thirty day fast in 2002, it started with three days of no food or water, the water part of the fast ended on Thursday evening, just as the sun was setting. I had started fasting on Tuesday, and Wednesday night I took a bath. While in the water all kinds of things began coming to my mind. I saw how we were like the pigment of God's painting. We were stones that had to be washed, ground into fine powder, then mixed with oil, and then applied to the top layer of God's painting. It was all vary elaborate and quite clear in my mind. It later became a sermon. It was also revealed to me at this point more clearly how Jesus was my brother, not God the Father. It was also revealed to me how powerful the seven prophets would be and their relationship to kings and presidents. And also how one of these prophets would go bad! Just like Judas. He would have great power, but it would go to his head and he would not be raptured with the church. He would become the false prophet to the anti-christ. The anti-christ would probably be the president or king that he would be witnessing to. One of the great leaders of the world. The prophet would tell the world that if they wanted to be saved, just like the raptured saints were, they should worship the false christ and accept his mark.

Of course the anti-christ is not going to be called the anti-christ, he's going to be called the Messiah. And all the world, almost, will accept him. It was also revealed to me while still in the bath tub, that someone would offer me a glass of water the next evening and whoever did would receive a blessing. Now I still had three piano students to teach on Thursday before taking Friday off. I was still going to my students' houses at this time to teach and I knew then that whichever one of my piano students offered me a drink would get the blessing. Well, I went to the first house, and they usually offered me some water or a soda, but nothing this time. I went to the second lesson, Jeff Vance. They almost always offered me something to drink, but not this time. I then went to the Montoro's House, and nobody was there. I waited out front and watched the clouds. There were still a few left over monsoon clouds blowing east. The desert wind was coming in from the west and blowing them out. I took some pictures of them with my digital camera while waiting. Then something strange happened. The clouds began coming back in my direction. There was rain coming down. I knew the blessing was coming. At this point I saw the van coming and it pulled into the driveway. Mrs. Montoro got out, I was on the passenger side of the van, but I heard the door. Then it was a while before she appeared, hopping and limping around the back of the van. She told me she had probably broken her ankle at the health center. She couldn't put any weight on her left foot, and it hurt terribly. But you know me. Mrs. Montoro, you know that God can heal your ankle. She laughed. Then winced. I said again, God can heal you right now. I can pray for you. She said, "would you?" I said yes, I usually anoint the person with olive oil when I pray. She said, I have some. New, never been open but it is a large container. I said that would be fine. She told Hannah to quickly go inside and look on the shelf in the cabinet and bring out the oil. Hannah returned momentarily with the oil. The seal had never been broken. I opened the bottle, anointed my finger with oil, knelt down on the driveway and said ,"Be healed in Jesus Name," as I rubbed the oil on her ankle. I was struck by how dry her ankle was. It sucked the oil right up. I put some more oil on my finger and rubbed it on her ankle. I then looked up into Mrs. Montoro's eyes. They looked stunned. She said, "My ankle is healed." "The pain is gone." She then took some cautious steps in disbelief. Finally she smiled with joy and utter surprise. It's healed!!! First thing she did when she walked into the house was prepare me a large glass of Ice Water. God is so good. I taught Hannah her lesson and left one happy family. The same time the next day, Friday, I was being arrested in Phoenix, AZ, and spent the night in jail.

By God healing Mrs. Montoro instantaneously, it confirmed that all of what he had showed me the night before was true, and it gave me the strength to make it through thirty more days of fasting that saw me in Phoenix, back in Sierra Vista, over to Tombstone, back in Phoenix, up to Cottonwood, back to Sierra Vista, over to Bisbee, over to Tombstone again, over to Yuma, San Marcos, Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, and Carlsbad CA, back to Sierra Vista, over to Bisbee again, and many other stops also along the way. I sat down at a Sunday meal at La Casita on September the 22nd, and didn't sit down to another full meal until Sunday, November the 3rd at the Golden Dragon. What a month. I could just about write a whole book about that month alone.

A word about fasting. When I fast it is unto the Lord. That makes it different than just going without food or water. I go onto God's life support system. Most people would be saying something like this to themselves. "I'm fasting. I'm weak. I better stay at home in bed." They have a long face and everybody knows something strange is going on. That's not what I do. I'm usually witnessing to people, or out hiking in the mountains praying and reading the Word of God. I may be impressed to do some strange things, like putting finger prints of burnt seed dust onto the paintings of my piano students, or placing the soles of my feet upon the soles of one of my student's feet who is leaving the country, or walking around a certain area seven times. I usually have to continue with my work as a private piano teacher, piano tuner, and Mac repairman as well. This usually leads to some very interesting conversations and lessons. During my thirty day fast, though, I told my students that I was going to take the month of October off so that I could spend time praying and studying the word of God. I still taught two or three of my students, and still did several computer repair jobs. But it was all in the plan of God. I visited dozens of people and even had to appear for jury duty in Bisbee. I was eliminated after the third round of jury selection and got to go home. As I said before, what a month!

During that month people got healed, I was cursed, I was blessed, I was arrested, I was robbed, I slept outside at night, climbed mountains, picked up hitch hikers, had a car window broken, my church members mutinied, and I prayed for and got a huge hail storm in the middle of the driest month of the year. I went into a Catholic church in the middle of the day and took all the big statues out of their prayer station cubicles and put them on the floor. I even took down a life size statue of Mary. She kicked me as I did. I debated with several pastors, and eventually came down to earth. I was broke, and tired, and disappointed.

One of my crusades during the fast was to persuade people that the war with Iraque, that Bush was promoting, was going to be a big mistake. Almost everyone I talked with was in favor of the war: from the secretary of the music department at Palomar Community College to the prisoners I spent the night with in Phoenix. They all said, "What are we waiting for. If I was president I would have already blasted Sadam out of this world. We gotta do what we gotta do." I begged God to avert the war. He would not do it. I knew that if we went to war it was because God wanted to punish this nation. So all of you out there that keep singing "God Bless America," let me explain to you that God won't bless America when we make a preemptive attack on another nation. If George bush was any kind of a Christian at all he would have called the nation to prayer and fasting after 911. 2Corinthians 10:4, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." The United States is not a Christian nation. It probably has more Christians in it than any other nation but we are not a Christian nation. Just at the time I began typing up this page I listened to some old lady lesbians in California celebrating the fact that they could now get married. This country is another Sodom and Gomorrah. It has just enough Lots left in it to keep it from being destroyed by God. Did anyone notice that the day after they started gay marriage in California that they also had an unprecedented number of lightning strikes in the northern part of the state starting over a thousand forest and brush fires? Did you hear me? Thousands of lightning strikes, starting over a thousand simultaneous fires! Do you think this was a coincidence?

As Christians there is not much we can do about it but pray. It's going to happen. We can't stop what the scripture says is going to come to pass. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away."

Notice that these people have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof. These are people that go to church. These are people claiming to be Christians. These are people that are so deceived and so depraved that they actually think God approves of gay marriage. God is actually ready to vomit. The world has become like it was before the flood when the thoughts of men were only evil, continually.

Christ shed blood on at least two occassions. When he was circumcised and when he was crucified. These represent his birth and death. These are no doubt the first day of fall and the first day of spring. Yom Kippur and Passover.

to be continued. 7-2-08