Words in themselves are simultaneously so weak and strong. They take ideas and throw them against the wall. They take mountains and cast them into the sea. Choke the life out of trees and raise the dead. A word is nothing but a crafted sound, a pattern of ink on paper, an inanimate symbol infused with meaning. Words ricochet off the window pane to the roof top and are shouted back down without a ladder.

Poetry for the most part promulgates the corruptness of humanity. Lust not love, greed not charity, sensuality not spirituality.

The skin head’s prejudice spewing profanities in the name of poetry, the cackhead daughter bemoans her plight, the impotent carpenter building with words metaphoric strings, assembly lines of nouns, verbs, prepositions, commas, colons, nothing but words, period.

The artist reasons with color and line, shape and light. The musician with cadence and chords, pitch and timbre, sounds of a different kind. The wave of a hand, the bend of a knee, fine cuisine, the bouquet of wine, are not these the true poetry? Words are nothing without experience, empty scratches, clouds without rain. 11/15/08


I was reading some poetry the other day
reminded me of something Tchaikovsky had to say
After playing thought some piano music by Johannes Brahms
"What a waste of paper and ink, this stuff really bombs!"

Actually what he said was something quite profane
And what Brahms had to say about Tchaikovsky?
Well, it was pretty much the same.

They were born the same day, the seventh of May
Obviously great minds make the same mistakes
And that's why poetry, I hates ;-) 12/13/08

The Word of Power

Aha! I am now inside your head, in your mind. Are you mulling over my mutterings or are you numb to my probings. To penetrate your entire being is my goal, my singular purpose is to cause a rebirth of your entire body, soul, and spirit, to disintegrate your dynamic equilibrium, to replace the motivation of every thought and action of your entire being! I am life. I am the vibrational manifestation of Almighty God. You were created by me and my desire now is to recreate you, after my image. How far can I penetrate your life. Am I just a thought, or can I cause you to change the way your think and move and talk and sing and reason and kneel on your knees. Can I make you cry or laugh, repent or pray. Can I agitate or calm your soul?

Take a deep breath. Now hold it and count to seven. Did I succeed? Yes you can laugh out loud while you read this. At least give me a chuckle. That's more like it. In the beginning I was with God and I was God. I was his thoughts before I was spoken. You are a vibrational manifestation set in motion by me. You are like me. But you are not me. It is my Father's desire that one day we become one. We are out of sink, we are out of tune. We are separated by a spatial dimension. Follow me and you can enter my world. My spatial dimension. They that dwell with me live forever. I exist in many different forms. Are you familiar with light, electricity, and matter? I exist as divine light, Spirit, and have a physical being. My physical being once inhabited a body similar to yours but now I exist in a higher spatial plane. Come to me and live forever. You must follow the light of life. I am the light of life. I must guide and shape your thoughts to be in harmony with my vibrational manifestation. You must sing my song. You must join in the chorus of life. You must allow me to lead you and guide you. 1/11/09