Palomar College - Performing Arts Department
Music 180 - Midi Computing Music I - 3.0 units
Tues & Thurs 1:30-2:50 pm, room D11
Instructor - Charles G. Marlowe, M.M.
Office - none assigned, Web site:
e-mail address,
Phone (760) 471-2621

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction to the basic elements of MIDI, computers, MIDI software, music, and MIDI trouble shooting. This is an introductory course. Much has to be covered before professional quality MIDI works can be produced. You will be encouraged to do this in your future pursuits.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will learn to use music notation software (Finale), MIDI sequencing software (Vision), basic computer procedures and trouble shooting, and MIDI connectivity through reading, viewing videos, lectures and hands on experience. Students will also learn about the history of MIDI and the vocabulary or jargon that is associated with MIDI, computers, software and trouble shooting. Students will also do internet searches for MIDI information.

TEXT: The MIDI companion, by Jeffrey Rona, Hal-Leonard publication,
ISBN: 0-7936-3077-6.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Read all assigned chapters. Attend all classes. Work through all assigned tutorials. Complete a minimum of two 32 measure projects, one in Finale, and one in vision. Take all of the on-line quizzes, mid-term and final exams. Students will also be required to present to class, and turn in, two written reports, one on a MIDI software review, and one on a MIDI hardware review. Keyboard magazine and Electronic Musician magazine are two excellent sources for articles.

GRADES: Grades will be based on attendance, performance on frequent tests and tutorials, two reviews (one on hardware and one on software), final examination, and the two completed projects. The Final Grade will be based on the following percentages. Attendance = 30%, Quizzes = 30%, Each review = 5%, First Project = 10%, Second Project = 10%, Written Final = 10%. Your lowest quiz score, if applicable, will be discarded. Extra Reviews can be done for extra credit.

ATTENDANCE & POLICIES: Because of the many examples and presentations given in class, your attendance is imperative. Students coming to class late and talking during lectures will not be tolerated. Abuse of equipment and interference with the class learning environment will be grounds for being dropped. Be on time and be attentive! Any student with more than three consecutive unexcused absences is subject to being dropped.

Jan 18 20 Introduction, Chapter 1
Jan 25 27 Chapter 1 Quiz, Chapter 2, Working with Finale
Feb   1  3 Chapter 2 Quiz, Finale tutorial
Feb   8 10 Chapter 3, Finale tutorial
Feb 15 17 Chapter 3 Quiz, Chapter 4, Finale tutorial
Feb 22 24 Chapter 4 Quiz, Finish Finale tutorial
Feb 29 M 2 Chapter 5 , Begin Finale Project
Mar  7  9 Chapter 5 Quiz, Finale Project
Mar 14 16 Spring Recess!! :-)
Mar 21 23 Chapter 6, Completed Finale Project Due
Mar 28 30 Chapter 7, Vision tutorial
Apr  4  6 Chapter 7 Quiz, Vision tutorial
Apr 11 13 Chapter 8 Quiz, Vision project
Apr 18 20 Chapter 9 Quiz, Vision project, Review Presentations.
Apr 25 27 Chapter 10 Quiz, Vision project, Review Presentations.
May  2  4 Chapter 11 Quiz, Vision project, Review Presentations.
May  9 11 Chapter 12 ,Vision project Due
May 16   Tuesday at 12:00 noon to 1:20 p.m. Final exam

Yours truly,

Charles Marlowe